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ByJanice Gillen

Mosquito Problems?

Mosquitoes are well known because of their pesky biting habit. Of greater concern, is the fact that they are vectors of numerous human diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis. Mosquitoes have adapted to almost every kind of aquatic situation such as permanent ponds and marshes, drainage ditches, and water standing in containers.
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ByJanice Gillen

Ants in your pants… or house?

Ants can be a pain. Particularly Fire Ants. They don’t transmit diseases, but they can be a major nuisance. If you find yourself with an ant problem, contact us right away.  We can help!
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ByJanice Gillen

Lawn Care

As homeowner’s we need to stay on top of our lawns and look for signs of problems. Finding problems and having the time to deal with them however are two different things. Gillen Pest Control is here to help you!
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