Never Use LIQUID Pesticide in THIS Situation

ByGary Gillen

Never Use LIQUID Pesticide in THIS Situation

If you’re considering using a liquid insecticide for termite control, there’s a critical factor you need to be aware of. If you have watched any of my videos you know that I am a real believer in termiticide products that are baits. 

I always recommend baits but some people do like liquid insecticides for termites but there are some situations where you absolutely cannot use liquid insecticides for termites. 

Should You Use Liquid Insecticides If You Live In A Rural Area?

In rural areas, where residents often rely on water wells, it’s common to have protective structures built over these wells to shield them from the elements, especially the cold. If termites infest such a structure, you cannot use liquid insecticides. The proximity of the water well raises concerns about the insecticide leaching through the soil and contaminating the water table.

Why Should You Use Pest Control Services?

Professional pest control operators go through extensive training to determine when and where liquid insecticides can be safely employed for termite treatment.  I never recommend do-it yourself products because termites are a very dangerous insect. 

DIY Caution:

Termites are destructive, and improper treatment can lead to long-term issues. It is strongly advised to seek professional help when dealing with termite infestations to ensure proper handling and minimize risks. The last thing you would want to happen is to have your water contaminated with an insecticide.

Baiting as an Alternative:

For situations involving water wells or structures near bodies of water, the safer alternative is using termite baiting systems. These bait products are designed to target termites without the risk of contaminating water sources. 

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