How Long Does Sentricon Take to Kill Termites???

ByGary Gillen

How Long Does Sentricon Take to Kill Termites???

Queen Termite

How Do Termites Operate? 

People will ask: “How long does it take Sentricon to kill termites?”

Termites operate in colonies with a complex caste system including a queen, king, workers, soldiers, and more. Workers are crucial as they are the only ones capable of digesting cellulose found in wood. Workers go into the wood of your home or dead trees, wherever they can eat cellulose out of the wood, then they process it. After they digest it, then they regurgitate it for everyone else.

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How Long Does It Take? 

When Sentricon goes into a colony, the time it takes for Sentricon to eliminate termites  because it’s a very slow acting chemical. varies depending on colony size and duration of infestation. When you look at a termite situation you need to think of these things: 

  • How many termites do you have? 
  • How long have the termites been there?

Multiple Colonies:

Research indicates that homes often don’t just have one colony, instead they have several termite colonies. To ensure thorough elimination, Sentricon systems are strategically placed around the property, each containing a bait matrix irresistible to termites. These green discs, filled with poison-laced bait, target all colonies, including those not immediately visible.

What Are The Advantages Of Sentricon? 

The Matrix inside the green disc is a termite delicacy, preferred even over Southern yellow pine, commonly used in house construction. Termites unknowingly choose the Sentricon Matrix over wood, leading to the eventual demise of their entire colony.

Long Term Solution: 

Termites don’t realize that as they eat on the Matrix, they end up killing their whole colony. We put Sentricon around your house because you may have multiple colonies and we want to get the Matrix poison inside of the colony. The system remains in place even after eradication, ready to intercept any new infestations. Technicians periodically monitor bait stations, ensuring they remain stocked with bait to effectively eliminate any incoming termites.

Bait Station Maintenance:

During inspections, bait stations may appear weathered and soiled, indicating termite activity. However, disturbing these stations is counterproductive as termites are attracted to the bait’s uncleaned state. When they have stopped feeding on the Sentricon then we know we have killed the entire colony.

You may see a gnarly looking bait station, but be sure to leave it, that’s they way that the termites like it.  

Minimal Quantity, Maximum Impact:

Remarkably, Sentricon requires only a minute amount, akin to a packet of sweetener, to eradicate an entire termite colony. Its efficacy lies in this minimal yet potent dosage, ensuring comprehensive elimination without extensive chemical application. 

Sentricon’s success lies in its ability to outsmart termites by using their feeding habits against them. As a proven permanent solution, it offers lasting protection. For a 100% free evaluation, reach out to Gillen Pest Control and keep termites at bay or address existing infestations.

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