How to GET RID of MOSQUITOES and ENJOY your backyard (The New Method)

ByGary Gillen

How to GET RID of MOSQUITOES and ENJOY your backyard (The New Method)

Do you find it impossible to enjoy your patio due to relentless mosquito attacks? Well, there’s a new method called N2Care that might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. You can watch a video about this groundbreaking product here.

The Mosquito Conundrum:

Living in Texas, I understand the frustration of not being able to step outside without becoming a mosquito’s meal. It’s essential to know a bit about mosquito biology – only female mosquitoes sting as they require a blood meal for egg-laying. But, there’s a game-changing product named N2Care that has transformed my outdoor experience.

What is N2Care?

N2Care is not just any mosquito repellent; it’s a revolutionary product with an electrostatically charged chemical in its water, creating an effective mosquito-fighting solution. When a female mosquito lands on the water inside the N2Care bucket, the chemical attaches to her feet. As she flies away, any water she comes into contact with becomes contaminated, gradually reducing the mosquito population in the surrounding area.

What Are Other “Old-Style” Solutions?

While N2Care is a game-changer, there are other methods you can employ to combat mosquitoes. Traditional lawn sprays, when applied by professionals or those with the right equipment, can help eliminate mosquitoes, especially the nuisance ones that bite around your ankles.

What Kinds of Mosquitoes Are There?

Southeast Texas often deals with two types of mosquitoes – nuisance mosquitoes and container-breeding mosquitoes that pose health risks. It’s crucial to pay attention to potential breeding grounds, such as stagnant water in sewers or areas around your property. Regular inspections or hiring a professional can prevent mosquito breeding.

What Should You Avoid? 

Automated mosquito sprayers might seem convenient, but they come with downsides. They waste chemicals by spraying all day, even when mosquitoes are not active. Additionally, these devices harm beneficial insects like lacewings, ladybugs, and bees, disrupting the ecological balance. Automatic sprayers can also pose a risk when they inadvertently spray chemicals while people, including children and pets, are present.

What Can You Do To Take Control of Mosquitoes?

To reclaim your outdoor space from mosquitoes, take proactive steps. Check with your Homeowners Association (HOA) or city to ensure your community is regularly sprayed. Eliminate standing water in your yard, consider N2Care, and explore DIY lawn sprays. When in doubt, professionals like us are here to help with effective mosquito control.

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